99 to 86

What would be involved in running/contributing to the blog? from Anonymous

Just making funny gifs and stills from the show, and putting them in a queue.

I’d recommend using advanced software to make the images, as many of the episodes are dark or the color is dull. They typically need some exposure/saturation adjustments to make vibrant gifs. GIFBrewery is pretty good at that, though if you’re on Windows or Linux I’m not sure what you could use.

Where are you? from Anonymous

I suppose I should apologize. I started this blog thinking it would be fun for me to make a tribute to one of my favorite shows, but after running it for a few weeks I found it was mostly just tedious for me. That and my mental health hasn’t been very good, so this blog fell by the wayside as a part of that.

If anyone else would like to contribute, or run the blog, that would be spectacular. If you have the DVDs I can tell you the process i’ve been using to make gifs and stills.